Meet Khadija

Patient Finance Representative, Patient Access Department

Patient Finance Representative from the Patient Access Department, dressed in traditional women's Moroccan attireJoined us in 2011

Born and raised in Morocco, Khadija began her career as Data Clerk at Boston Children’s in Waltham after an internship in the billing department. Four years later she was supported by her manager to get a health insurance training and to move to a new position with patient’s financial services department (PFS) in Boston which was closer to home.

Khadija used to be a teacher who loved and understood children - and she knew she’d be a great asset to Boston Children’s. And while her medical office background prepared her well, Khadija goal is to be a Boston Children’s Hospital employee until every child is well.

“I’m taking health care management courses at Cambridge College,” Khadija says, “because I know I’m in the right place for advancement and to work closely with patients. Colleagues respect each other, the benefits are good, and everything I wanted is here”. She also likes how our financial services are structured - and that she has direct contact with families, where she helps them navigate the complicated and difficult insurance process.

Outside of work, Khadija takes care of her family, studies for her bachelor degree and helps her son prepare for going to college next year.

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