Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Cultural Competency Council

The Council is made up of 35 employees from all levels of the organization, from managers and vice presidents to front-line employees. The Council operates under the stewardship of our Executive Steering Committee and is focused on designing strategies that will ensure culturally competent care for our increasingly divers patient families and to building and maintaining a diverse workforce.

To date the DCCC has worked on the development of new community initiatives to recruit qualified employees, the selection of outstanding diverse employees to participate in professional development programs, and the implementation of cultural competency training.

LGBTQ & Friends

2017 LGBTQ EqualityStarted in 2008, LGBTQ and Friends is a support group and resource for staff, patients, families, and friends. Only by creating a safe space for all employees and patient families can we provide the very best care. We meet monthly to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and identify any issues or challenges that we can partner to address. We are proud to have been one of only 496 healthcare facilities nationwide named a Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Facilities who receive this designation meet key criteria, including patient and employee non-discrimination policies that specifically mention sexual orientation and gender identity, a guarantee of equal visitation for same-sex partners and parents, and LGBT health education for key staff members. Beyond our workplace initiatives, we invite everyone to join us at the annual Boston Pride March each June.


We celebrate the ability in every person and continue to be fully committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. Those requiring reasonable accommodation for any aspect of the hiring process should contact careers@childrens.harvard.edu.

Individuals who need assistance applying online should contact one of the local Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers at:   

JVS CareerSolution
Phone: 617-399-3100
Website: https://masshiredowntownboston.org/
Address: 75 Federal Street, 3rd Floor,  Boston, MA 02110

Boston Career Link:
Phone: 617-536-1888
TTY (for hearing impaired): 617-867-4687
Website: https://www.careercenteroffices.com/center/730/boston-career-link/
Address: 1010 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02119

The Conexión and The Partnership Program

Two highly regarded year-long leadership development programs for professionals of color, we are proud to support Conexión and The Partnership.

The Conexión

Conexión was created to advance Latino leadership to meet the changing needs in business, education, and government organizations in an increasingly culturally complex world. Their mission is:

  • to create a pipeline of Latino leaders who understand the challenges and opportunities of the world around us for their own benefit and the benefit of their families, communities and country.
  • to promote and to sustain the long-term prosperity of the United States by converting Latino talent into the next generation of leaders that preserve the quality of life of the country.

The program offers ten monthly professional development sessions, and each participant is matched with an executive mentor through a selection process that takes into account the individual’s career goals, interests and other relevant criteria. Participants are mid-career professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience. For more information, please visit conexion-all.org.

The next program cycle begins in January 2019.

The Partnership, Inc.

The Partnership’s mission is to develop professionals of color, increase their representation in Boston area businesses and institutions, enhance opportunities for advancement and influence, and thereby extend the region’s economic competitiveness. The Partnership program consists of two levels depending on experience. There is an Associate level as well as a Fellow level. Please see descriptions of each level below.

The Associates Program: trains young professionals to develop their leadership capacity by creating professional and civic opportunity in the early stages of their careers. Participants - Asian, Black, Latino, Native American or South Asian professionals with two to eight years of experience at a Greater Boston organization. Many participants have recently assumed their first management position; all are recognized by their employers as having high potential.

The Fellows Program: trains mid-career professionals how to expand their leadership capacity. Participants - Asian, Black, Latino, Native American or South Asian professionals, employed by a Greater Boston organization, with a minimum ten years of experience. Most participants are seasoned managers; all are demonstrated leaders within their companies.

All trainings involve interactive discussion, hands-on learning, networking, personal brand evaluation, and small group discussions that cross industry, racial, cultural and ethnic lines.

Professional and mentoring relationships established through the Programs prove invaluable throughout participants' careers.

Both Associates and Fellows meet monthly for professional development sessions. The next program starts in January 2015.

For more information, please visit thepartnershipinc.org.