Vosburgh Pavilion

Vosburgh Pavilion treats Speech-Language Pathology.

Our clinic employs ASHA-certified and NYS-licensed speech-language pathologists who have specialized skills in the following areas:

  • developmental speech and language disorders
  • feeding and swallowing disorders
  • voice disorders
  • fluency disorders (stuttering)
  • acquired speech and language disorders and cognitive disorders (traumatic brain injury, stroke)
  • accent modification
  • augmentative and alternative communication

The Speech and Language Clinic is located within an academic building of New York Medical College and offers seven therapy rooms and a fully equipped therapy materials room. The clinic also maintains an audiometer, Visipitch with MultiDimensional Voice Program for objective acoustic analysis of voice, a Nasometer for assessment and feedback of resonance, Phonatory Aerodynamic System to assess aerodynamics of voice and multiple iPads.


Virtual Visits

BCHP is now offering visits via telemedicine with both our primary care pediatricians and our specialists.  Telemedicine provides an alternative tool to evaluate patients, allowing BCHP providers to consult and care for patients remotely using video-conferencing technology. Our providers are now only a phone call (or video chat) away!