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Boston Children’s Hospital: the number-one children’s hospital in the country, eight years in a row

The Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance is proudly affiliated with the #1 children’s hospital in the nation, eight years in a row. Congratulations to our colleagues at Boston Children’s!

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Boston Magazine named 14 Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance physicians as 2021 Top Doctors.
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Sweet dreams: A guide to infant sleep

While sleep is a peaceful time of rest for your infant, creating a safe sleep environment can be stressful. For insights on safe sleep, we spoke to Dr. Shana Zandman from Brookline Pediatrics.
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Pediatricians Ready To Roll Out Pfizer COVID Vaccine For Kids

CBS News speaks with Framingham Pediatrics, parents and children are inquiring about the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine. Dr. Margaret Crawford says she expects an influx of families to sign up for the vaccine.
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Bullying at all ages: How to spot the signs and support your child

Bullying affects children of all ages, from preschool to high school. For insight on how to spot the signs that your child is being bullied and how to best support them, we spoke with experts from the Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance.
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The dos and don’ts of potty training

Potty training your child can be as exciting as it is frustrating. For insight on common potty training questions, we spoke with Dr. Wanessa Risko at Singular Pediatrics.
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Teething: Which remedies are safe for babies?

Dr. Molly Lederman at Lexington Pediatrics shares common teething remedies and highlights a few popular methods you should avoid.
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More than the blues: Navigating postpartum depression

The shift from pregnancy to parenthood is called the postpartum period. Dr. Andrea Sachs at Chestnut Hill Pediatrics explains what parents can expect and how to navigate this period.
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Helping your child cope with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common and each child experiences it a little differently. Dr. Angelica Espinosa-Louissaint at Commonwealth Pediatrics explains how parents can support their child with separation anxiety.
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How to help your child rekindle friendships at any age

An expert at Fellsway Pediatrics of Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance shares helpful tips for children rekindle their friendships amidst the pandemic.
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Practice positivity: Navigating body image with your child

Body positivity reminds us that all bodies deserve acceptance, respect and care. Nobody feels beautiful every second of the day, but you can empower your child to practice positivity. A Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance expert shares her insights.
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Finding a nutrition plan that works for your family

Should your child follow the same specialized diet as you? Every day, millions of people follow specialized diets for countless reasons, but is it the best choice for your family? Experts at Lexington Pediatrics and Bridgewater Pediatrics of the Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance share their thoughts.
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How lactation specialists can help you find answers to your nursing goals

Lactation specialists offer support and guidance to all parents, regardless if they choose to breastfeed or not. Experts at Pediatrics at Newton Wellesley of the Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance share their insights.
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Send your kids to camp with peace of mind: Safety guidelines to look for this summer

Dr. Brian DiGiovanni at Post Road Pediatrics and Kimberly Barret, a physician assistant at Bridgewater Pediatrics, share safety guidelines to look for this summer as children head to summer camps.
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Mental health during COVID-19: Answers for families

Dr. Kern from Bridgewater Pediatrics and two experts from Boston Children's Hospital discussed the current mental health crisis, tips parents can use to help their children, signs to look for in children, and more.
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You’re not alone in asking: Five common questions about your baby’s first year

When you welcome a new baby to the family, reading books and parenting websites can still leave you with questions when it comes to your baby’s first year. Alliance providers share advice on the most frequently asked questions of new parents.
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Pfizer's Seeking Vaccine Approval for Younger Kids

Dr. Anthony Giordano of Pediatric Health Care Associates weighs in on the possibility for a Pfizer vaccine for children in NBC Boston’s article “Parents of Kids Under 12 Cheer News Pfizer's Seeking Vaccine Approval for Younger Kids.”
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Before bringing your newborn home from the hospital…

After delivering your baby, it’s easy to forget all the questions you had for the nurses and doctors. So, experts from Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance created a list of seven things to remember before bringing your newborn home.
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Meet Dr. Chang

Dr. Tien-Lan Chang of Malden Pediatrics shares why pediatrics is the perfect field for him
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Behavioral health: What parents should know

Concerns surrounding behavioral health have continued to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke with behavioral health specialists in the Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance about the growing concerns surrounding behavioral health.
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Is your teen depressed?

Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance providers are truly passionate about their work. In honor of Doctors’ Day, a few Alliance providers shared their favorite thing about being a pediatrician.
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Happy Doctors’ Day!

Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance providers are truly passionate about their work. In honor of Doctors’ Day, a few Alliance providers shared their favorite thing about being a pediatrician.
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Spring health tips for parents

Dr. Carolyn Sax of Hyde Park Pediatrics explains everything you need to know about ticks, seasonal allergies, and more in this blog.
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International Read to Me Day

Mariah Peric, a nurse at Pediatrics at Newton Wellesley, is a published children’s author. For International Read to Me Day, pick up Dino Stan and the Big Brass Band.
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oral and forehead thermometers on a grey carpet background

Everything you need to know about thermometers

We interviewed two medical experts — Michael Elkort, M.D., pediatrics at Newton Wellesley, and Jacqueline Jossen, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics gastroenterology at Columbia University — to gain a better understanding of thermometers and how they work.
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The most important meal of the day

Starting your child’s day with a nutritious breakfast sets them up for a successful day. Consider these ideas when making your child’s breakfast. And remember, whole grains + their favorite fruit = a nourishing meal!
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Common signs of dyslexia

Reading is a fun outlet for your child, but those with dyslexia may find it more difficult than others. Familiarize yourself with these signs of dyslexia so you can best support your child.
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Ten questions to ask when choosing a pediatrician for your family

Selecting a pediatrician is an important decision for you and your family – if you're starting your search or know somebody who is, check out these ten important questions to consider.
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COVID-19 Vaccines: Answers for Families

Thomas Sandora, MD, Ana M. Vaughn, MD, and Eleanor Menzin, MD, of Longwood Pediatrics discuss the COVID-19 vaccine during our COVID-19 Vaccines: Answers for Families webinar.
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Heart concerns and returning to sports after COVID

Chestnut Hill Pediatrics’ Dr. Tina Feeley spoke with Boston 25 News last week about the risk of heart problems among athletes who test positive for COVID-19.
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HPV Vaccine: What families should know

HPV is very common and can lead to cancers. Fortunately, the HPV vaccine is proven effective against certain types of the virus.
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Tip Tuesday

Framingham Pediatrics’ Dr. Baumel recommends, "To help parents during the pandemic, dress in clothes that you would normally wear to work. This indicates to your kids you are at work and they know to respect boundaries."
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Is it "good" or "bad" for you?

Teaching our children to eat well is not a simple task — but perhaps that’s because we are looking at it from the wrong angle.
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Gearing up for sports? Call your child’s pediatrician

Every year, young athletes are required to get sports physicals. But, did you know that these physicals should be done by your child’s PCP?
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Common questions from parents

Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance providers from Child Health Associates share how they’re keeping patients and families safe.
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Winter wellness webinar

Erica Lee, PhD; Kristin Moffitt, MD & Lexington Pediatrics’ Jesse Lock, MD discuss these topics during our Winter Wellness webinar.
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Caring for your new baby

Providers from Bridgewater Pediatrics share advice to new parents during COVID-19.
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The new COVID-19 variant

B.1.1.7. is a newly discovered version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. What else do we know about this new virus variant?
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A child's guide to COVID-19

If your child needs a COVID test, they may be a little nervous. Boston Children's produced this video to explain how the test works in kid friendly terms.
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Gearing up for a COVID-19 Winter

Dr. Debbie James of Children's Garden Pediatrics offers words of encouragement to all those parenting through these unprecedented times.
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The flu shot

Flu shots save lives by preventing influenza (flu), or reducing complications if children do get sick.
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