Resources for Parents from the Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance


Boston Magazine named 14 Boston Children's Primary Care Alliance physicians as 2021 Top Doctors.
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COVID-19 Vaccines: Answers for Families

Thomas Sandora, MD, Ana M. Vaughn, MD, and Eleanor Menzin, MD, of Longwood Pediatrics discuss the COVID-19 vaccine during our COVID-19 Vaccines: Answers for Families webinar.
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Heart concerns and returning to sports after COVID

Chestnut Hill Pediatrics’ Dr. Tina Feeley spoke with Boston 25 News last week about the risk of heart problems among athletes who test positive for COVID-19.
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HPV Vaccine: What families should know

HPV is very common and can lead to cancers. Fortunately, the HPV vaccine is proven effective against certain types of the virus.
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Tip Tuesday

Framingham Pediatrics’ Dr. Baumel recommends, "To help parents during the pandemic, dress in clothes that you would normally wear to work. This indicates to your kids you are at work and they know to respect boundaries."
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Is it "good" or "bad" for you?

Teaching our children to eat well is not a simple task — but perhaps that’s because we are looking at it from the wrong angle.
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Gearing up for sports? Call your child’s pediatrician

Every year, young athletes are required to get sports physicals. But, did you know that these physicals should be done by your child’s PCP?
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Common questions from parents

Boston Children’s Primary Care Alliance providers from Child Health Associates share how they’re keeping patients and families safe.
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Winter wellness webinar

Erica Lee, PhD; Kristin Moffitt, MD & Lexington Pediatrics’ Jesse Lock, MD discuss these topics during our Winter Wellness webinar.
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Caring for your new baby

Providers from Bridgewater Pediatrics share advice to new parents during COVID-19.
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The new COVID-19 variant

B.1.1.7. is a newly discovered version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. What else do we know about this new virus variant?
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A child's guide to COVID-19

If your child needs a COVID test, they may be a little nervous. Boston Children's produced this video to explain how the test works in kid friendly terms.
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Gearing up for a COVID-19 Winter

Dr. Debbie James of Children's Garden Pediatrics offers words of encouragement to all those parenting through these unprecedented times.
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The flu shot

Flu shots save lives by preventing influenza (flu), or reducing complications if children do get sick.
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