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Preparing for your child’s asthma visit

The best way to educate you and your child about their asthma is to bring their medications to the office. Our nurses and providers can then be sure that you are using the medications appropriately.

If your child is between the ages of 4 and 11, download and complete the asthma control test.  If your child 12 or older, download and complete the ACT 12+ yrs. You can discuss the results of these forms with your provider, and it can help us determine whether your child’s asthma is being adequately controlled. If you see a specialist to help control your child’s asthma, make sure you know when your last appointment was, and bring a copy of your child’s most recent asthma action plan to review at the visit. If you child has received a flu shot outside of our office, please bring proof of that so we can update our chart.

Video resources

Here are two videos that you might want to watch. The first is about doing spirometry and might be helpful for your child to watch with you. The second is an excellent asthma video that describes what is happening inside the airways of the lungs that makes it harder to breathe.

Child bolds inhaler in left hand and football in right hand

Related information

  • Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood resulting in millions of school absences in the United States each year
  • New England leads the nation in numbers of documented cases of asthma and also in number of missed school days due to asthma symptoms