Current Environment:

Initial ADHD visit

When scheduling this visit our staff will send out Vanderbilt Assessment Scales that are necessary for us to evaluate your child for ADHD or you can download the required forms in the box on the right. We can not accurately diagnose your child with ADHD unless we have these forms at the time of your visit. It is important for your child’s success that every visit for ADHD be scheduled with the same provider.

Followup visits

Prior to each visit, be sure to write down any questions you have regarding your child’s medication. It is also important to ask his/her teacher for feedback on their school performance/behavior and to bring any recent progress reports or report cards to your visit. A good way to get feedback from the teacher and yourself is to use Vanderbilt Follow-Up forms. If you have any concerns regarding side effects of the medication or new symptoms it may be helpful to write those down as well.

All children diagnosed with ADHD need to have a follow up with our office within 30 days of their initial ADHD medication prescription. It is best to schedule this appointment when you leave the office after completing your initial visit.

Our office policy is to see every child on ADHD medication at least every three months to be sure that they are performing well in school and not having any side effects from the medication. Your child’s prescriptions will not be renewed unless you comply with this visit schedule.

Effective December 1, 2012, we have initiated a new policy for picking up prescriptions for controlled substances (which is mostly the stimulant medications for ADHD). Anyone who comes in to pick up one of these prescriptions must show a receptionist a photo ID and sign a log. If you are unable to show this proof of identification, our receptionists will not be able to give you the prescription. We are doing this as a patient safety improvement project to do our part to try to keep children safe. We appreciate your cooperation.