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You have a choice!

Hey teens,

Did you know that you have a choice about whether your parent/guardian can be in the exam room with you? You can also choose how much information we can share with them. Your privacy is important to you and to us.

You can even choose, if you are at least 18, whether to continue with our pediatric practice or find an adult practice. And, we can help you!

Here are some notices that you will find informative — it’s your choice!

Being a teenager

Being a teenager is not easy, but being a parent of one is just as hard. During these years your body is changing and your mind is changing. You begin to look at the world differently and want different things from it. You ask yourself many questions like, who is this person inside me? You notice that your body is different now than it was just some weeks ago and you may wonder where to look for answers or help?

Your doctor and family are a great place to start. They really do have your interest at heart. If you have a question, ask it.  Really! No ties. No guilt. No stress. No need to be embarrassed. Just answers. We have created this page for you. In the teen section you will find some links to some great sites and videos to give you information about common questions and concerns. We have also prepared some posts written especially for you. The web is great, but there is nothing like talking to someone; someone who knows! We are your doctor. You can talk to us and your parents do not even get to know what we talked about unless you want them to. Now, that’s control!

Got a problem? In trouble? Got a personal question? Your friends may act like they have all the answers, but remember they are at the same place you are so be careful what you hear. Call us or talk with your parents or a trusted adult. If you come in to see us, we will confidentially give you the straight scoop based on LOTS of experience; yup, with those same friends who seem to have the answers. They come to us too!

Teenagers are smiling and laughing