Retired Staff | Wareham Pediatrics

John Conway, MD, FAAP

Dr. Conway is now retired after providing excellent pediatric care to the Wareham community for a generation through Wareham Pediatrics, which he co-founded.

During high school, Dr Conway trained as a surgical scrub technician and worked summers in the operating room at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. He attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY giving him a chance to mature his interests in genetics, chemistry and biology. After graduation, he taught genetics at Douglas College, part of Rutgers University in NJ, but after deciding that laboratory work wasn’t his defining interest, he applied to medical school.

He wanted to have an urban experience in medical school and spent 4 years in NYC getting a medical degree at NY Medical College, then a year in general medicine and pediatrics at USC-LA County Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. The lure of pediatrics took hold, and after researching programs back in the east, he joined a program in Burlington, VT at the Medical Center Hospital that completed his formal training in Pediatrics. The chief of the program, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, was part of a U.S. Presidential Committee to encourage physicians to move away from cities and bring their specialty care to the rural and under-served communities in America.

He fulfilled a 2 year commitment in the US Army by bringing his pediatric skills to Fairbanks, Alaska. He and his wife found the countryside beautiful and awe-inspiring, and with a 6 month old daughter, survived the two years without frost or caribou bites. Mid-winter was a 70 degree below zero and 1 ½ hours of sunlight a day experience, unforgettable and now history. Southeastern Massachusetts seemed like Hawaii.

He returned to New England, specifically Wareham, to support Dr. Charles Gleason and Tobey Hospital. This move brought him closer to his own parents in Providence, and in-laws on Long Island, ultimately allowing him and his wife to help their parents in their declining years, and to give them 3 grandchildren to brighten their lives. They sail, run, play tennis, spend time on and in the ocean, and now with three grandchildren of their own, have all the joys of our own parents.