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Once you start getting MassHealth, you must let us know about certain changes within 10 days of the changes or as soon as possible. These include any changes in income, immigration status, disability status, health insurance, and address. If you do not tell us about changes, you may lose your MassHealth benefits.

Once you are a MassHealth member, you will receive eligibility review forms to complete. MassHealth members must complete an eligibility form at least once a year. Eligibility reviews may be done as often as every six months. It is important that the eligibility review form is complete and returned to MassHealth as soon as possible.

** — In many cases, if you are receiving MassHealth on the day your child is born; your child will be automatically eligible for MassHealth for one year as long as your child continues to live with you in Massachusetts. Within one year, your baby will be redetermined for continuing benefits beyond that year.

MassHealth benefits are provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in cooperation with the federal government. Giving incorrect or false information may end your benefits. It may also result in fines, imprisonment, or both.