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Medical Home

Wakefield Pediatrics began the process of building a medical home for many of our patients a long time ago, we just did not realize it at the time. The concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) has evolved into something that is widely regarded as the future of primary care pediatrics. We have partnered with our colleagues at the Pediatric Physicians Organization of Children’s Hospital (PPOC) to incorporate the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home into our practice.

What does the Patient Centered Medical Home look like at Wakefield Pediatrics?

Much of what has been described in the medical home model is already in place at Wakefield Pediatrics. We began the process of seeking to be formally certified as a PCMH by the NCQA through collaboration with our partners at the PPOC. Our goal is to improve care coordination for our patients in all areas (medical, educational, social, emotional). We have focused initially on our patients with special health care needs and certain diagnoses of interest (e.g. asthma, depression), and hopefully will apply what we learn to all of our patients.

Medical home care coordinator

Medical Home is an important part of Wakefield Pediatrics. Our goal is to assure we meet all the needs of our patients.

We have a dedicated Medical Home Coordinator, Reanna Corbett. Her role is to work in partnership with the pediatric care team at Wakefield Pediatrics and the children and families in the practice to ensure that both the medical and non-medical needs of our patients are met.

Reanna will function as an advocate for patient and family needs and work collaboratively with our medical teams to serve as a resource and help establish access to services bridging the gap between Wakefield Pediatrics and specialists, schools, and community connections.

She is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have and she will do his best to assist you.