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What is ImPACT testing?

ImPACT testing, or Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing, is a validated computerized concussion evaluation system. Please visit the ImPACT website for more information on this computerized test.

Who should take this test?

Post Road Pediatrics recommends baseline ImPACT testing for all children 12 years and older that participate in contact sports. Current recommendations include retesting every two years.

Where can my child take this test?

Post Road Pediatrics is an ImPACT testing site and is offering baseline ImPACT Testing to patients of our practice as well as the general public. Post Road Pediatrics offers follow-up testing (for children that have suffered a concussion) to established patients of our practice. Please call our office for more information on the cost of testing and to schedule an appointment!

*If your child has had ImPACT testing at a different location in the past, please provide us with your ImPACT passport ID so we can access the previous testing if needed. Thanks!*