Current Environment:

We understand there is a lot of concern about COVID-19. Except in the case of questions regarding urgent, acute symptoms, we would like you to reserve general questions about COVID-19 for normal business hours. 

Our answering service and after-hours advice providers have seen a large increase in calls during this national health emergency. This has resulted in longer waits for return calls for urgent health issues. Reserving general questions for office hours will help us provide urgent advice for those in need.  

At this time, we are asking our patients to call us after hours regarding acute/urgent care issues only. If you are looking for general information about COVID-19, including questions about testing, or other non-urgent questions that can wait until the next business day, please call during normal business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. This will keep our answering service and after hours providers available to answer more urgent questions and address urgent clinical needs in a timely manner. 

Please see out about coronavirus page for information and resources regarding general COVID-19 advice.

Mass 2-1-1 has a 24/7 phone line regarding the coronavirus and can offer information about basic needs (food, unemployment, etc).

Thank you for your cooperation.