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Clinician examines girl's ear
Boy sits on table during exam by medical professional

Seeing children and parents at regular intervals is important in maintaining your child’s health. Evaluating growth and development, discussing safety, nutrition, behaviors that are age related, and providing vaccinations for diseases that can be life-threatening are the functions of well child/adolescent visits.  We use a number of standardized age-dependent questionnaires for parents and patients to help us identify any concerns.  These questionnaires are available through the patient portal MyChart and we encourage our patients/parents to complete them before a well visit. 

Our office provide some laboratory testing on nasopharynx, blood, urine and stool on site.  Additional testing facilities we use include Melrose Wakefield Hospital, Quest Laboratory, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Our alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital means an easy referral process with its specialists and easy access to the test results done at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Our providers are also active staff members at Melrose Wakefield Hospital and see newborn infants at the hospital.

Clinician takes teen boy's height

Other health management services include:

  • asthma
  • proper nutrition
  • obesity
  • attention deficit