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If you have just had a newborn baby, congratulations! We will be delighted to welcome the new member of your family as a patient at Needham Pediatrics.

All you need to do is call Needham Pediatrics and arrange a first appointment for your baby. Typically, we see newborn babies two days after discharge from the birth hospital. But if the baby needs to be seen sooner (or later), we will be happy to meet your baby's needs.

If you are expecting a newborn, you don't need to do anything special before the baby arrives. Once your baby has a name and a birthday, and once you know when the baby will likely be discharged from the hospital, simply call us to arrange an appointment.

If you wish, you may arrange a prenatal consultation with us before the baby is born. Prenatal visits are simply a way for you to learn more about our practice. They are not required, and we will be happy to have your baby join our practice even if you have not had a prenatal visit.

a young child's hand
baby getting its head measured