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At Needham Pediatrics, our providers are dedicated to enhancing the growth, development, and well-being of all children, from birth through adolescence including your child’s mental and behavioral health.

Our behavioral health department can offer a short-term model of care where we provide our patients access to our behavioral health clinicians for a consultation and a few skill building sessions. Our office does not provide long term, weekly appointments.

After consulting with your pediatrician and the behavioral health department, it may be determined that your child would benefit from a longer-term model, in which case our care coordinator will help you obtain a community provider who is a good fit for your child’s needs.

If you have immediate safety concerns for your child, call 911, go to the nearest recommended Emergency Room or call Mobile Crisis Intervention.  This is a specialized service we do not provide at Needham Pediatrics.

  • Needham and surrounding towns 24-hour access number: 1-800-529-5077 (Riverside Community Care)
  • Framingham and surrounding towns 24-hour access number: 1-800-640-5432 (Advocates)
  • Boston area 24-hour access number: 1-800-981-4357 (Boston Emergency Services Team)

Mobile Crisis will help you schedule a behavioral health evaluation and safety assessment with a clinician.  The clinician will help determine level of care needed and provide resources as appropriate.  This evaluation is often scheduled on the same day.



Additional emergency numbers

Connect with a Crisis Counselor by texting HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention: Dial 988
Parent Stress Line: 1-800-632-8188

Behavioral Health Help Line  - Call or text 833-773-2445.

Our Behavioral Health Staff are available to our patients to provide consultation and/or referrals for mild to moderate emotional and behavioral challenges by providing

  • Clinical assessment with treatment recommendations
  • Individual and parent support
  • Information and resources related to education, behavioral and developmental needs

If your child requires further support, our behavioral health department will provide a list of community providers and services.

Behavioral health resources

Screening form – Initial assessments (please complete if first time assessing for ADHD)

Screening form – Follow-up assessment (only complete if Initial Assessments have already been done)

Recommended book resource list

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