Current Environment:

For the near future, well visits for patients 5 years and younger, 11 years, 16 years and 17 years will continue to take place in the office as it is critical that these children receive their vaccines and other services such as vision and hearing testing on schedule. These visits will be in the morning or early afternoon using our well area. 

For all other children, we will be doing well visits using telehealth Virtual Visits. If your child is due for a check-up or has one scheduled in the next few weeks we will be contacting you to determine next steps.

Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 continue to be seen virtually. In addition, we can use a Virtual Visit to see patients with skin concerns, seasonal or food allergies, medication review, ADHD, depression, or anxiety. Please call our office if you would like to schedule a Virtual Visit and see the guide below for more information. 

Parent guide for virtual visits

Getting your account ready

A MyChart account is required in order to utilize virtual visits. A proxy account can be used for anyone below the age of 13, whereas patients 13 and above need to have their own MyChart account activated. The MyChart app has to be downloaded onto either a smartphone or tablet (it does not work on a computer).  The patient MUST have Zoom downloaded onto their smartphone or tablet as well (they do not need to create an account, they just need to download the app). Once the virtual visit is booked, the patient/parent should log into their MyChart app (make sure the organization is set to “PPOC”) at least 5 minutes prior to their appointment. The patient will need to complete a short pre-visit validation and consent process prior to the virtual visit.  

When the pre-visit validation is complete the “begin virtual appointment” button will appear green. The patient can now join the video call. 

If you do not have a MyChart account, please click here to request activation.

Before well visits

Prior to any well visit please complete the following steps

  1. Weigh your child in light clothing without shoes on
  2. Measure height for children 2 years and older with shoes off
  3. If possible, obtain the child’s heart rate manually or with a fit bit
  4. Fill out the pre-visit screenings in MyChart

Important billing information
Virtual visits are billed similarly to office visits. Per the Governor's order, virtual visits related to COVID-19 do not currently require a co-payment and cannot be applied to a deductible. Please check with your insurance company if you have questions.