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Framingham Pediatrics 508-879-5764
125 Newbury Street, Suite 300
Framingham, MA 01701

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MyChart: What you need to know

MyChart is your on-line Connection to Framingham Pediatrics

Please give these features a try!


You probably have used MyChart for a virtual visit at some point during the current pandemic, and you know how much it has helped us to provide needed care to our families during this difficult time.

There is so much more to MyChart, and we’re asking all of our families to try some of its other benefits. These features will allow you to communicate more easily and efficiently with our office, and will allow you to do so at a time that is convenient for you. They will also allow our staff to function more efficiently, and to make all of us more available to our patients and families for medical issues when you really need us. 

Most of these features are available from either a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


The newest and perhaps greatest feature on MyChart! Save yourself and our staff several phone calls when you arrive at the office by using this feature to let us know you have arrived at our parking lot, and we will text back with your exam room number when the room is clean and ready for you! We encourage you to try it!



It is so much easier to request refills from us using MyChart rather than calling us on the phone. Please give it a try!


This too is much easier than phone calls, and also much easier than leaving a message on our referral phone line. Try it out!


We know there are a lot of forms to fill out at the office. We consider the surveys to be an important part of the care we provide to your family. Filling them out in advance saves you time at the office, minimizes the need for paper and pens in the office during this time of social distancing, and makes our time with your family more efficient.


This doesn’t need much explanation, and most of us are used to paying bills online. Check it out!