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All practitioners at Framingham Pediatrics strongly support adherence to the immunization schedule of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Below is a summary of Well-Child visits at Framingham Pediatrics. Each well visit includes a complete physical exam, an assessment of your child's growth and development, and "anticipatory guidance" regarding safety and common childhood issues. In addition, your pediatrician will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about your child. Bring a list!

This Vaccination Policy minimizes the risk of your child suffering from preventable illness. During flu season, we also recommend flu shots for all our patients.

Newborn office visit during the first week of life

1 month No scheduled vaccines
2 months Vaxelis #1, PCV20 #1, Rotavirus #1
4 months Vaxelis #2, PCV20 #2, Rotavirus #2
6 months

Vaxelis #3, PCV20 #3, Rotavirus #3

(the 6 month visit must be on, or after, 6 months of age)

9 months HepB #3 (as needed)
12 months

MMR #1, Chickenpox #1, PCV20 #4

Finger stick blood test: CBC (check for anemia) & Lead

(the 12 months visit must be on, or after 12 months of age)

15 months

Hepatitis A #1, Hib #4

(the 15 month visit must be on, or after 15 months of age)

18 months DTap #4
24 months

Hepatitis A #2

Follow-up finger stick hemoglobin & lead

2 1/2 years Visit at the discretion of your pediatrician
3 years

Vision screen yearly

Follow-up finger stick hemoglobin & lead

4 years Hearing screen
5 years DTaP #5, IPV #4, MMRV
  Yearly physical exams after age 5