Current Environment:


If you have an after-hours emergency that needs immediate attention and cannot wait the five or ten minutes that it may take for us to call back, bring your child directly to the nearest emergency room and ask them to call us for you. When possible, we encourage you to use the Framingham Union Emergency Room, as it is staffed by doctors who are specifically trained in pediatric emergency medicine.

The Massachusetts Poison Control Center is open 24 hours a day for consultation regarding known or possible exposures to poisons. Their phone number is (800) 682-9211. If you have Ipecac in the house, do not use it unless advised to do so by one of us or by the Poison Control Center.

A special note to families with caller ID on their telephones:

We have recently noticed a large number of families with "Anonymous Call Rejection" on their telephones. Many families with Caller ID have Anonymous Call Rejection without even knowing it. This feature prevents a caller to your home from getting through to your line if the caller's phone blocks a Caller ID signal from appearing on your phone.

Our doctors' home and cell phones do block this Caller ID signal, and therefore we cannot call your home unless you temporarily or permanently disable the Anonymous Call Rejection feature. Therefore, if you are expecting a call from our office or the on-call doctor, please be sure to disable the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your telephone. This can be done by dialing *87 on your phone at any time.