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After hours

When you need to reach us, there’s only one number you need to remember: 781-451-0072.

Whether our office is open or closed, that phone number will connect you to our pediatric triage nurse team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our nurses are in constant contact with the on-call provider of the day, who has secure access to your child’s medical record and can answer questions about your child’s care around the clock. When you have questions that just can’t wait, call us first and speak with our nursing staff.

We pride ourselves on returning calls promptly. If you haven’t received a call back from one of our triage nurses within one hour, no matter the day or hour, please call us back. If your child’s condition worsens while you are waiting for a call back, do not hesitate to call us back, even if it has not been an hour.

For questions that are less urgent, use your MyChart account to send us a message. You can even attach pictures to these messages so we can see what you see. Please keep in mind that these messages are not monitored 24 hours a day, so these are ideally for questions that can wait up to 48 hours for an answer (though we often respond much faster than that).

We want to be sure your child receives the best care, and we believe we can provide that the vast majority of the time because of our knowledge of your child, their medical history, and your family. Our relationship with Winchester Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital also means we can help you coordinate any necessary specialty follow up care, often without the need of a costly and time-consuming emergency room visit.

Please always call us first so we can see you at Commonwealth Pediatrics, provide time- and money-saving home care advice, or direct you to a local emergency room or urgent care center if truly needed.