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Amanda Zenga, MSW, LICSW

Amanda Zenga Cataldo, LICSW, offers behavioral health services in collaboration with your medical providers at Chestnut Hill Pediatrics.

Amanda is available for assessments, brief interventions, and collaboration on treatment planning. She can also support children, adolescents and their families in securing longer-term community-based providers. Amanda strives to work collaboratively with you, your child and our team to support your child’s behavioral health needs and goals.

Consultation with Amanda can be helpful if your child is experiencing any behavioral health symptoms that are interfering with:

  • Making and maintaining meaningful connections with others.
  • Reaching potential across life domains.
  • General daily functioning (i.e. sleeping, eating, school performance/attendance, engagement in interests, hygiene/self-care, home responsibilities).

Additionally, Amanda can provide behavioral health treatment for:

  • Anxiety (separation, school, social, OCD, generalized, panic)
  • Depression 
  • Self-harming and/or suicidal ideation 
  • Eating related disorders/ body image 
  • Substance abuse and/or misuse 
  • Gender identity 
  • Sexuality 
  • PTSD (or history of a traumatic event(s), bullying) 
  • ADHD and/or other learning challenges 
  • Frustration intolerance 
  • Peer-related conflict 
  • Difficulty adjusting to transition/ change 
  • Behavioral challenges in the home and/or school and/or community 

Please reach out to our office or your medical provider to get connected with Amanda. 

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