Current Environment:

Virtual visits

We are very pleased to have successfully implemented and now offer telehealth visits for our patients and families. All the BWP providers now can do these video virtual visits using secure technology enabled through the MyChart patient portal. We are now ready to open this service more generally. In the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic and “social distancing”, this will be an invaluable tool for us to continue providing pediatric medical care and behavioral health services while reducing the need for you to come to our office.

Telehealth points to remember

If you would like to set up a telehealth visit, call the office at 508-697-8116 and select option for Appointments—we will try our best to accommodate you directly, but we may need to verify if a telehealth visit is appropriate and build a telehealth slot as our schedules are changing rapidly. Better yet, if you are on MyChart already, use it to request an appointment or send us a message.  

If you are not yet on MyChart, call us to activate your account as soon as possible. MyChart is required for telehealth encounters and will be an essential tool for us to communicate with you effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are using telemedicine for a visit you need to register for MyChart. Call the office at 508-697-8116 for assistance.

Below you will find some helpful step by step charts to guide you through the process and also some tips for a telemedicine visit. When downloading MyChart look for its logo, the folder with a red heart.

Also, when choosing the Zoom Meeting, choose Cloud Meetings, Zoom.US. As always, if you are having difficulty please reach out.

Virtual visit guides

App download links for virtual visits