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Lynne Ricardo

Lynne Ricardo has 25 years’ experience in helping family’s welcome babies into their homes. Lynne is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants and registered nurse.

She has a passion for assisting new mothers in the following areas:

  • Prenatal education 
  • Latching difficulty 
  • Sore or damaged nipples 
  • Milk supply issues
  • Weight gain issues 
  • Tongue and lip tie 
  • Engorgement 
  • Blocked milk ducts 
  • Breast infections
  • Pumping 
  • Returning to work
  • Weight gain issues  
  • Weaning 
  • Jaundice 
  • Thrush

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Lynne please contact Bridgewater Pediatrics at 508-697-8116