Current Environment:

Rachel attended Framingham State University and received a bachelor’s degree in 2019. After completing an internship at South Shore Hospital in 2019, Rachel completed her graduate studies at Framingham State University in 2020. Rachel’s philosophy of care emphasizes nutrition throughout the lifecycle, “I am passionate about nutrition throughout the lifecycle, with an emphasis on fertility, prenatal, pediatric, and female health. I have a special interest in hormonal and metabolic imbalances. I believe that optimal care requires a patient-centric approach and individualized behavioral counseling.” Prior to her work in nutrition, Rachel Andrade worked in a business and corporate environment before pursuing her passion and becoming a dietitian nutritionist. She now works as a pediatric dietitian for Bridgewater Pediatrics and as the Nutrition Director for a non-profit grant project titled Womb to Five. Rachel also counsels adult clients as a solo provider through her private practice, Whole Lifecycle Nutrition. Additionally, Rachel serves as the Massachusetts Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Diversity Liaison and Recruitment Professional and chairs several committees for the Boston Alliance for Diversity in Dietetics.

What prompted you to pursue nutrition and pediatric nutrition specifically as a concentration?

I have always been passionate about health and wellness. The seeds were planted during a time when I was very athletic and physically active. I decided to switch careers to focus on sports nutrition and diabetes management. But, motherhood really shifted my focus and I started to niche down into pediatrics and female health. I love kids. Their endless creativity and love fills me with joy. They inspire me and make me smile more than anything else can.

What are some hobbies/interests that you have outside of work?

I love being outside and having family adventures. Especially in the Fall! I am so excited for colorful leaves, brisk air, and pumpkin everything. I enjoy moving my body and feeling strong and empowered through movement. Weight lifting, martial arts, hiking, swimming and yoga have been my go-to activities lately. I love to cook, whether it is creating in the kitchen or making familiar comforting family recipes.

What are some of your favorite aspects of working at BP?

The families I meet and get to serve every day are the best. It is rewarding and validating to watch families grow together on their healthy lifestyle journeys or to help caretakers feel less overwhelmed through nutrition education and practical feeding tips.

Is there a particular area of pediatric nutrition that you are passionate about?

I am especially passionate about helping people develop a healthy relationship with food and body positivity. There are far too many kids (and adults) who have negative thoughts about their bodies and never learned to eat mindfully and in a way that nourishes their body. I want more families to know what dietitians do and to seek us out for any food and nutrition concerns earlier. I see families daily who say they wish they had known to work with a dietitian sooner. The earlier I can help with feeding issues (like picky eating, food avoidance, overeating, making better choices) or weight concerns, the easier things are for families and the better the outcomes are for children.