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Hand-in-hand with Boston Children's Hospital

Briarpatch Pediatrics is a proud affiliate of Boston Children's Hospital. Benefits of this partnership include adjunct status at Boston Children's Hospital for our providers, and direct provider access to medical notes from your visits to Children's. If your child needs a specialist, we are happy to refer, with access to top doctors and specialists at Boston Children's Hospital. All of this provides continuity of care for your child, as our providers are aware of the medical issues your child is being seen for at Children's, and are able to come up with care plans and referrals, and closely follow your child's health based on this knowledge.

If your child is having an issue which you would like to see Boston Children's Hospital for, please contact our office to begin this process. This may require a visit to our office. If your child already has a referral to see a specialist, please allow one week for the Boston Children's Hospital Scheduling Department to contact you; they will schedule your appointment. Throughout this process, feel free to call Briarpatch Pediatrics with any questions or concerns.