Current Environment:

a girl smiling at the camera as she gets her ear examined by a female pediatrician
a medical professional woman looking at a test tube

Crisis intervention:

  • Battered Women's Hotline: 800-992-2600
  • Child at Risk Hotline: 800-792-5200
  • Parents Stress Hotline: 800-632-8188
  • Rape Crisis Line: 508-888-TALK
  • Runaway Hotline: 800-355-3855
  • Suicide Hotline: 800-873-4900/508-548-8900
  • Youth Crisis Hotline: 800-355-3855
  • Parents Helping Parents
  • Massachusetts Citizens for Children
  • Independence House
  • Department of Children and Families

Falmouth Human Services

Falmouth Service Center

Family Continuity:  MA agency dealing with mental and behavioral health needs

Family Voices​: ​Provides information about MA public benefit system and medical advocacy center for children and youth with  special needs

Healthy Start: A free online resource for Massachusetts residents in need of housing, food, health care, and other  basic services

Lighthouse Health Access Alliance

Maternal and Child Health Title V Programs

Advocacy and action:

Alcohol and other substance abuse: 

Children and family

Dental care:

  • Dentistry for All

Local Dental Care:

  • Dr. Paul Booth (Centerville) 508-790-8300
  • Dr. Alfred Rich (Hyannis) 508-771-2141
  • Dr. Lorraine Lewis (Hyannis) 508-771-0920
  • Dr. Murray Johnson (Harwich) 508-432-7555
  • Dr. Victor Diamond (Hyannis) 508-771-4555
  • Dr. Seth Latimer (Hyannis) 508-775-5518
  • Dr. Peter Falco (Centerville) 508-775-9363 (accepts Mass Health)
  • Gateway Dental (Hyannis) 508-771-7751 (accepts Mass Health)
  • Cape Cod Community Health Center

Early education and care: 

  • Early Intervention
  • Massachusetts Department of Education
  • Office of Child Care Services
  • Department of Early Education and Care
  • Child Care Networks of the Cape and Islands


  • Cape Cod Advocacy Center

Financial assistance/Emergency funds:

  • Cape Cod Times Needy Fund
  • Community Action Committee of Cape Cod
  • Healthy Start- Housing Assistance Corporation

Health care:

  • Cape Community Health Center
  • Dentistry for All
  • Family Planning
  • Health Care of Southern Massachusetts
  • Cape Cod Resources and Exchange Services (CCPRES) and Support Group of Cape Cod

Health education:

  • Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Healthy Start- Lighthouse Health Access Alliance


  • Housing Assistance Corporation
  • Community Action Committee of Cape Cod

Human services:

  • Cape Cod Human Services
  • Falmouth Human Services
  • Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC)

Mental health, counseling and support:

  • Cape Cod Human Services
  • Cape Psychiatric Center
  • Falmouth Human Services
  • Gosnold Treatment Center
  • Hospice of Cape Cod – Grief Support & Referral Center- MSPCC

Services for individuals with disabilities:

  • Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled
  • Early Intervention
  • Federation for Children with Special Needs
  • March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation- Massachusetts Office on Disability


  • Ala-Teen
  • Children's Trust Fund
  • Cape and Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance
  • Cape Cod Human Services
  • Cape Cod Child Family Service