The Fazzalari Sky Bridge | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fazzalari Sky Bridge?

The future pedestrian bridge between our Patient and Family Parking Garage and Boston Children’s Hospital provides safer, more direct access and improves the overall experience for patients and families during arrivals and departures. The bridge will connect a new lobby on the fourth floor of the Patient and Family Parking Garage directly to a new lobby above the hospital’s main entrance.

Why do we need a pedestrian bridge?

To improve safety, access, and experience for our patients and families.

When will work on the bridge begin, and when will it be finished?

Initial site preparation work to the Patient and Family Parking Garage and the surrounding area will begin in December 2017. More visible work will begin in February 2018. The bridge is expected to be completed in September 2019 and the garage completion is December 2019.

What is the impact to patients and families?

The long term impacts are safer, more direct access and an improved overall experience. In order to achieve this end result, there will be some short-term challenges to patients, families, staff and other hospital visitors, including new entry points and wayfinding.

What’s the easiest route to get into the hospital?

Due to construction, new entrances and routes to get around the hospital are now in use. Clearly marked signs will help you reach your destination.

Will the main entrance be shut down?

The main entrance to the hospital will be in full operation during most of the project; however, to ensure the safety of patients, families, staff and visitors to the hospital there will be a few times that the main driveway and entrance will be fully or partially closed to accommodate bridge work and installation. These dates, which will be limited to weekends, are being finalized and will be broadly communicated in advance of closures.

The main entrance to Primary Care Longwood and the Fegan building through the revolving door will be closed beginning in February of 2018. Wayfinding is in the process of being finalized and new entrances and routes will be clearly marked.

Is parking affected?

Parking at the Patient and Family Parking Garage will be impacted, as this project also includes an addition and modifications to this garage, including a new roof level with more than 70 parking spaces. Beginning in June 2018, there will be a reduction in available parking spaces due to construction. Parking is also available at several nearby Boston Children’s parking garages.

Where can I find regular updates about construction?

The Boston Children’s Transforming Tomorrow website and Intranet will be updated regularly. Patients and families will be contacted as part of the appointment reminder system that is currently in place. Questions and comments should be directed to