Construction Advisory

On Friday, November 16, at 9 p.m. to Sunday, November 18, at 9 p.m., the main front entrance of the hospital will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. During this time, Longwood Avenue will be closed in the area in front of the hospital from Binney Street to Avenue Louis Pasteur. These closures are necessitated by the installation of the first section of our future pedestrian bridge taking place during this weekend.

To ensure the safety of our community during this construction event, the Hunnewell Building’s main entrance on Longwood Avenue and the Enders Building main entrance on Longwood Avenue will become the hospital’s primary entrances for all patients, families, and hospital employees. The Hunnewell main entrance will also be used for accessing the Emergency Department. Urgent patient arrivals, emergency and handicap vehicles, and anyone requiring emergency care can get to the Emergency Department through the ambulance bay on Binney Street off of Longwood Avenue.

Clearly marked signs will help you reach your destination and staff will be available to assist. Please plan accordingly for this disruption to our normal access to the hospital and give yourself an additional 5-10 minutes to get to your destination.

Download a map that highlights the impacted area, access routes and hospital entrances.


In the event of an emergency, all exits in the building can be used, and those people exiting through the main lobby will proceed through the ambulance bay.

The Patient and Family Garage and Karp Garage will remain in full operation; however, detours will be in place and all vehicles trying to access the garages will be rerouted to one of two options:

  • Avenue Louis Pasteur to Blackfan Street
  • Binney Street (passing between the 333 Longwood Garage and the Shapiro Clinical Center) to the access road that runs between the Karp Building and the Center for Life Science Boston

All vehicles exiting the Patient and Family Garage and Karp Garage will be directed, via clearly marked signs and staff, to proceed along Blackfan Street to Avenue Louis Pasteur for exiting the Longwood Medical Area.

Thank you for your patience during this weekend. We all look forward to safer, more direct access the bridge will provide to patients, families and staff in the future.

New entrances and routes to the hospital – ongoing

Construction of the Boston Children’s pedestrian bridge between the Patient and Family Garage (across from the hospital’s main entrance on the corner of Longwood Avenue and Blackfan Street) and our Main Building is underway. As a result, patients and families will be directed to the hospital using different entrances and routes. Clearly marked signs will help you reach your destination and staff will be available to assist. Please see the following directions and maps.  

As many of our patients and families arrive in the Patient and Family Garage, the routes to the hospital begin at this location. Please note the existing entrance to Boston Children’s Primary Care Center and the revolving door alongside the Hunnewell building will be closed through summer 2019, which is creating the need for these new entrances and routes.

The pedestrian bridge will greatly improve the Boston Children’s experience for patients and families by providing safer and more direct access to the hospital. We apologize for the inconvenience; however, we are confident the long-term safety benefits of the bridge far outweigh the short-term disruptions caused by construction.

Please plan accordingly for delays and give yourself an additional 5-15 minutes to get to your destination.