Collaboration for Community Health | Children's Health Equity (CHEq)


The Children’s Health Equity (CHEq) Initiative, a part of Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health, will advance child health through place-based collective impact approaches. The CHEq Initiative will support collaborative projects within specific Boston communities to improve the health and well-being of children and families. The selected projects will foster new and long-lasting systems that promote and strengthen neighborhood cohesion.

CHEq has two phases:

  • Phase 1: One-year planning grants will be awarded to up to six neighborhood or geography based, cross-sector coalitions to plan projects with the potential to reduce inequities in children’s health and well-being.
  • Phase 2: Following the planning period, implementation grants will be awarded to up to four cross-sector coalitions that demonstrate evidence of strong implementation plans. Implementation grants will range from 2-3 years in length with the possibility of renewal.

Boston Children’s has selected the below six projects for phase 1 planning grants. Each will have one year to develop a proposal and implementation plan addressing either 1) child and family health and well-being or 2) community, family, and child resilience.

Children’s Health Equity Initiative – 2019 Planning Grants

Collaboration Name


Building Holistic Educational and Employment Pathways North Dorchester and Roxbury
Crossroads: Healthy Families, Resilient Fields Corner Dorchester, Fields Corner
Living Safely in Jackson Square Jackson Square, Jamaica Plain
HEART CARES (Community Approaches to Resilience, Equity and Sustainability) Roxbury
Resilient Families and Surround-Care School Community Coalition Washington Park and Garrison Trotter sections of Roxbury and Dorchester
Grove Hall Alliance and Community and Partner Coalition Greater Grove Hall, Roxbury and North Dorchester


More details on these projects and partners can be found here.