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A Closer Look at Boston Children's Green Spaces Master Plan

Last fall, Boston Children's Hospital filed an amendment to our Institutional Master Plan (IMP) that updates and describes any potential or proposed construction projects for the Boston campus over the next 5 to 10 years. While the hospital has not made a decision to move forward with any of the buildings described in the amendment (a new clinical building, an additional floor on the Patient and Family Garage and a building to house administrative offices at 819 Beacon Street), we are proceeding through the years-long process of acquiring the city and state permits to be prepared if we do decide to move ahead and the Board of Trustees approves the decision. As we plan for the growth strategies identified in our recent five-year strategic planning process, a team will be established to determine if changes or improvements to our facilities will be needed.

In addition to the IMP, which focuses on bricks and mortar, we now have a detailed Green Spaces Master Plan that sets out a new approach to incorporating green and open spaces throughout the hospital's campus.

Working with landscape architects at Mikyoung Kim Design, who have strong experience in designing exterior and interior spaces in clinical settings, the hospital has developed a new vision for open spaces within the Longwood Campus. The plan's goal is to develop a variety of spaces, many of which will be accessible year round, be integrated throughout the campus and its buildings and include natural features (plants, materials and lighting) that will support healing, stress reduction and social interaction.

Based on the plan, a new Boston Children's Clinical Building (BCCB) design would include a new ground floor garden on the Fegan Plaza adjacent to the BCCB's interior courtyard/dining area, with large windows looking out to the garden and play area. The new ground floor garden would preserve the character and many of the features and statues of the Prouty Garden.

In addition, several other green spaces are planned for the proposed BCCB: a three-story interior garden on the sixth floor, an exterior rooftop terrace on the ninth floor and an interior sanctuary on the 12th floor. These spaces will complement several other new and proposed improvements to existing gardens, including the new oncology healing garden and ground floor garden in the new Binney building and expansions to the green spaces in front of the main entrance on Longwood Avenue and in the main circle.

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Boston Children's at Waltham: A look into the future


On November 26, 2012, Boston Children's Hospital's Vice President of Real Estate Planning & Development, Charles Weinstein, gave the City Council of Waltham, Mass. a speculative look at potential future development of the institution's Waltham satellite. This was not a formal request for approval from the city—which would require a full technical submission for a Special Permit in accordance with the local Zoning Code—as Boston Children's has no immediate plans to move forward with construction on any of the changes presented to the Council.

Rather, at the city's request, Weinstein presented a pre-development feasibility study for Boston Children's at Waltham—a long-term "vision" of changes that the institution may wish to pursue at some later date. Click here for a closer look at what the future may hold for our Waltham facility.

If you'd like to share your feedback on the possible development of Boston Children's at Waltham, please email


Institutional Master Plan Amendment
Draft Project Impact Report / Draft Environmental Impact Report


The following is a description of Boston Children's Hospital Draft Project Impact Report/Draft Environmental Impact Report (DPIR/DEIR) and the Institutional Master Plan Amendment (IMPA) that was submitted to the Boston Redevelopment Authority on June 14, 2013.

Institutional Master Plan Amendment by chapter in PDF format:

Table of Contents/Submission Letter to BRA
1.0 Introduction/Overview
2.0 Proposed IMP Projects
3.0 Consistency with the Longwood Medical and Academic Area
4.0 Zoning
5.0 Public Benefits

Draft Project Impact Report / Draft Environmental Impact Report
by chapter in PDF format:

Table of Contents/Submission Letter to BRA
1.0 General Information
2.0 Proposed IMP Projects / Alternatives Analysis
3.0 Transportation Access Plan (BCH Main Campus)
4.0 Transportation Access Plan (819 Beacon Street Project)
5.0 Environmental Review Component
6.0 Urban Design
7.0 Historic and Archaeological Resources
8.0 Infrastructure Systems Components
9.0 Greenhouse Gas Analysis
10.0 Response to Comments
11.0 Section 61 Findings
Appendix A - Spotlight April 2012
Appendix B - Legal Descriptions & Surveys
Appendix C - Transportation
Appendix D - Wind
Appendix E - Air Quality
Appendix F - LEED Checklists
Appendix G - BCCB Floor Plans
Appendix H - Greenhouse Gas
Appendix I - DEIR Circulation List


The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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