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S. Ted Treves, MD
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S. Ted  Treves, MD

Department: Radiology
Research Centers:
Hospital Title: Staff Physician, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Academic Title: Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Research Area: Nuclear medicine
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Research Overview 

Ted Treves' research is directed along two paths: integrating systems in medical imaging and optimizing the use of nuclear medicine in pediatrics.

In the first, he has evaluated new technologies for implementation. One recent implementation, the Picture Archiving and Communication System, has largely reduced the use of film in diagnostic imaging and allowed image sharing throughout the Children's Hospital enterprise.

In the second, he has conducted numerous evaluations of existing and emerging technologies and participated in multi-center trials of nuclear medicine imaging in children.

About Ted Treves

Ted Treves received his MD from the University of Buenos Aires. He completed his residency in nuclear medicine at Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University and a nuclear medicine fellowship at Yale University Medical Center.

Dr. Treves served as Chief of the Division of Nuclear Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston from 1970-2011.

He is also Director of the Harvard Medical School-Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine.

Key Publications

  • Treves ST, Packard AB, Fung LC. Assessment of rapid changes in renal blood flow with (191m)Ir, an ultra-short-lived radionuclide. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2004; 45:508-11.
  • Alavi A, Blahd WH, DeNardo SJ, Graham MM, Holder LE, Larson SM, Maurer AH, Miller TR, Nusynowitz ML, Palestro CJ, Parker JA, Schelbert HR, Taylor AT Jr, Treves ST. Components of professional competence for nuclear medicine physicians. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2003; 44(6):988-90.
  • Treves ST, Baker A, Fahey FH, Cao X, Davis RT, Drubach LA, Grant FD, Zukotynski K. Nuclear Medicine in the First Year of Life. J Nucl Med 2011; 52(6):905-925.
  • Treves ST, Parisi MT, Gelfand MJ. Pediatric Radiopharmaceutical Doses: New Guidelines. Radiol 2011; 261(2): 347-9.

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