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Violet is unique, but she is not alone at Boston Children’s Craniofacial Anomalies Program. Our world-renowned craniofacial specialists care for more than 500 patients every year. Our multidisciplinary team includes the top plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, speech therapists, geneticists, nurses and psychologists in the world.

We work with families to ensure that every child has a personalized treatment plan that meets her physical, emotional and social needs.

Part One: The journey begins

Violet’s parents, Alicia and Matt, learned that their unborn daughter had a rare and dangerous facial birth defect when Alicia was just 16 weeks pregnant. What compelled this Oregon couple to undertake a cross-country trip to Boston to seek treatment for their daughter?

Part Two: Meet Violet’s team of doctors

Drs. Meara, Proctor and Weinstock had treated many children with complex craniofacial anomalies before they met Violet. Violet benefitted from her doctors’ collective expertise and their access to cutting-edge technology at Boston Children’s. Her team used 3D-printed skull models to prepare for her surgery long before ever meeting her face to face.

Part Three: Inside the Operating Room

Seven surgeons and a team of anesthesiologists, nurses and caregivers worked together to make Violet’s nine-hour surgery a success. Step behind the scenes of Boston Children’s pediatric operating room to see what it takes to make an extreme operation routine care.

Part Four: Violet returns home

What makes a community? Is it family? Is it home? Or is it people? Learn how caregivers, staff, patients and parents helped make Boston a second home for Alicia and Violet during their 6-week life-changing journey.

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