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TAP Online Free Training Series

The Training and Access Project (TAP) is an initiative within Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships (BCHNP) that offers high quality professional development and consultation services to Boston schools to help build capacity to address students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health needs. In order to reach more schools beyond Boston, TAP is developing a series of free online courses for educators and school communities. Since 2015, TAP has facilitated workshops for educators on a variety of topics related to social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health. TAP has evaluated and enhanced this content to adapt it for this video series.

TAP Online is designed for all school staff including teachers, specialists, school nurses, school administrators, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and support staff. Each training is composed of easy-to-follow videos on key topics related to social-emotional learning and behavioral health in schools such as tools for the classroom, supports for students, managing crises, connecting families with services, and more.

All courses feature interviews with educators and clinicians discussing how to overcome challenges, tips on implementing effective strategies in the classroom, and guidelines for connecting with caregivers and healthcare providers. Additional resources and discussion topics that can be used at your school are also provided, as well as a certificate of completion.

Available TAP Online Free Trainings:

  1. An Overview of Social Emotional Development: What Can We Expect in the Classroom?
  2. An Introduction to Behavioral Health in Schools: Supports for Students
  3. Managing Behavioral Health Crises in School
  4. Understanding Trauma and the Impact on Learning Part 1: Definitions and Effects on the Brain

Future Trainings:

  1. Understanding Trauma and the Impact on Learning Parts 2 and 3

BCHNP would like to thank the Manton Foundation, C.F. Adams Charitable Trust, and the Clough Foundation for making the online projects possible.