Sleep Laboratories Overview

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Why a Sleep Study?

Here at Boston Children's Hospital, countless families have experienced firsthand the importance of a sleep study.

Providing a baseline for each child's health

A sleep study yields essential information about several child health indicators, including:

  • brain activity
  • heart rate
  • eye and muscle movements
  • respiration

Making key determinations

Sleep studies are critical diagnostic tools that can make all the difference in identifying—and ruling out—a wide variety of sleep disorders and sleep-related breathing disorders in infants, children and teens, including: 

  • central sleep apnea
  • obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • sleep-related hypoventilation
  • nocturnal events vs. nocturnal seizures
  • periodic breathing
  • periodic limb movements of sleep (PLMS)
  • sleep state misperception
  • a need for titrate positive airway pressure therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, and Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, or BiPAP)

Why Our Sleep Labs?

The Boston Children's Hospital Sleep Laboratories combine the multidisciplinary resources of a world-renowned pediatric hospital with focused expertise in sleep medicine and sleep technology.

The Labs are part of our acclaimed Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders, the only pediatric institution in the nation to be named an American Academy of Sleep Medicine Program of Distinction.

Expert, compassionate care team

Our Sleep Laboratories are staffed by a team of specially trained sleep physicians, sleep nurses and polysomnographic technologists who have years of experience working with children of all ages and their families.

Our Sleep Lab Director is Umakanth Khatwa, MD, a pediatric pulmonologist who also co-directs Boston Children's Center for Aero-Digestive Disorders. He is board-certified in pediatric sleep medicine and in pulmonology, and is a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School.

State-of-the-art, child-centered accommodations

Despite the name, our Sleep Laboratories look and feel nothing like a "laboratory."

They feature clean, quiet and spacious private rooms in a well-lit, soothing, child-friendly atmosphere ... complete with games and movies to help children settle in and feel at home.

Families come first

Our Sleep Laboratories at Boston Children's are designed with the needs of families firmly in mind. All rooms include a comfortable cot for parents to spend the night alongside their children.

Exceptional patient satisfaction

As numerous testimonials can attest, our Sleep Laboratories offer an exceptional patient experience across the board.

Contact Us Today

Schedule a sleep study by calling 781-216-2570. Our Sleep Laboratories are located at the Boston Children's Hospital main campus at 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston and at Boston Children's at Waltham, 9 Hope Avenue, Waltham.

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- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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