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Sharon  Levy, MD, MPH

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH
Medicine Research
Developmental Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Medical Director, Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Drug use treatment strategies
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Research Overview

Sharon Levy's research focuses on development of drug use treatment strategies for adolescent patients that can be used in the ambulatory medical setting. In previous work she examined physicians' knowledge, practices and attitudes regarding drug testing of adolescent patients and the use of home drug testing by parents of adolescent children. One of her current projects is to determine the therapeutic efficacy of drug testing adolescent patients with identified drug problems. Another area of interest is the use of Buprenorphine as an ambulatory treatment for opioid-dependent adolescents.

Goals of Dr. Levy's work include:

  • Determine how drug testing is used in ambulatory medical practice
  • Determine the therapeutic efficacy of drug testing adolescent patients with problem drug use
  • Determine the effects of long term administration of Buprenorphine to adolescent patients with opiod dependence

About Sharon Levy

Sharon Levy received her MD from New York University School of Medicine and completed her residency at NYU Med Ctr/Bellevue Hospital. She was later awarded a Dyson Fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital.

Key Publications

  • Levy S, Sherritt L, Harris S, Gates E, Holder D, Kulig J, Knight J. "Test-Retest Reliability of Adolescents Self- Report of Substance Use. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 8(28): 1236-41, 2004 August.

  • Levy S, Van Hook S, Knight JR. "A review of Internet-based home drug testing products for parents." Pediatrics. 113(4): 720-6, 2004 April.

  • Knight, JR, Sherritt, L, van Hook, S, Gates E, Levy, S, Chang, G. "Motivational Interviewing for Adolescent Substance Use: A Pilot Study. " Journal of Adolescent Health (in press). 
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