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MaryBeth Son, MD

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Hospital Title:
Attending Physician in Rheumatology
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Research Overview

Dr. Son’s research focuses on Kawasaki disease and childhood Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. She is also actively involved with the Kawasaki Disease Biorepository.


Son MB, Gauvreau K, Burns JC, Corinaldesi E, Tremoulet AH, Watson VE, Baker A, Fulton DR, Sundel RP, Newburger JW. Infliximab for intravenous immunoglobulin resistance in Kawasaki disease: a retrospective study. J Pediatr. 2011 Apr; 158(4):644-649.e1. PMID: 21129756.

Son MB, Gauvreau K, Ma L, Baker AL, Sundel RP, Fulton DR, Newburger JW. Treatment of Kawasaki disease: analysis of 27 US pediatric hospitals from 2001 to 2006. Pediatrics. 2009 Jul; 124(1):1-8. PMID: 19564276.

Son MB, Newburger JW. Management of Kawasaki disease: corticosteroids revisited. Lancet. 2012 Apr 28; 379(9826):1571-2. PMID: 22405252.

Son MB, Newburger JW. Kawasaki disease. Pediatr Rev. 2013 Apr; 34(4):151-62. PMID: 23547061.

Son MB, Johnson VM, Hersh AO, Lo MS, Costenbader KH. Outcomes in hospitalized pediatric patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Pediatrics. 2014 Jan; 133(1):e106-13. PMID: 24379234.

Son MB,Sergeyenko Y, Guan H, Costenbader KH. Disease activity and transition outcomes in a childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus cohort. 2016 Mar 23. PMID:27013665

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