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Laura Cornelissen

Berde Lab
Critical Care Medicine ResearchPain Medicine ResearchPerioperative Anesthesia Research
Hospital Title:
Research Associate
Academic Title:
Instructor in Anaesthesia
Research Focus Area:
AnesthesiologyPerioperative outcomes and Perioperative pain managementPainBrain Evolution
(617) 919-4641
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Dr. Laura Cornelissen is a systems neuroscientist. Her research focuses on neuronal network dynamics underlying human brain development. She is interested in understanding the immediate and long-term impact of general anesthesia, sedation and pain exposure. Her work integrates electrophysiological
(EMG, EEG, ECG), behavioral and autonomic techniques, combined with advanced signal processing in the clinical environment. She has collaborators within the Harvard-MIT network, and academic institutions across the USA and Europe.

Dr. Laura Cornelissen received her degrees from the University of Bristol, UK (MSci Pharmacology) and University College Londonm UK (PhD in Neuroscience). She carried out her pre-doctoral training under the supervision of Professor Maria Fitzgerald in development of sensory processing pathways in the human infant. Her postdoctoral training included a fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital under the supervision of Professor Charles Berde in the application of perioperative brain monitoring and quantitative sensory testing tools. She now serves as an Instructor in Anesthesia at the Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Her publications have been cited > 300 times to date. She has spoken at International and National symposia related to Anesthesia, Pain and Pediatric Neuroscience related research innovations.

A recipient of the International Anesthesia Research Society Mentored Research Award (2015-2018), and the BCH Anesthesia Trailblazer Awards (2014, 2016), for her recent efforts in characterizing the effect of general anesthesia on the infant brain. More details on the Berde lab webpage.


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