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Jonathan Gaffin, MD

Medicine Research
Respiratory Diseases Research
Hospital Title:
Assistant in Medicine
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
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Research Overview

Jonathan Gaffin, MD, MMSc, is a pediatric pulmonologist and clinical researcher with a particular interest in pediatric asthma and the environment, especially as it may relate to potential interventions.

Dr. Gaffin’s primary research activities are aimed at investigating the epidemic of inner city childhood asthma as part of the School Inner City Asthma Study (SICAS; PI: Wanda Phipatanakul, M.D., M.S.). This study prospectively evaluates the effect of the school environment on asthma symptoms in urban public school children with asthma. Dr. Gaffin is specifically interested in the role of indoor air pollution in the school environment. In this unique study design, classroom air pollution is monitored while children attend school and is then able to be compared from classroom to classroom to determine its effects on asthma symptoms in the students. Preliminary data shows a powerful association between pollution exposure and asthma symptoms. Furthermore, data also suggests that certain indoor pollutants can be predicted from measures of outdoor pollution. Planned studies include the use of geographic information systems (GIS) technology, climate, and ambient pollution to take a novel approach to integrate the home and school-based exposures to fully evaluate the individual health risks posed to at-risk children. This approach to the micro-environment will enable an assessment across multiple settings in relation to health and disease. Additionally, Dr. Gaffin is an investigator in several asthma clinical trials at Boston Children’s Hospital and the site-principle investigator for several cystic fibrosis observational and interventional studies.

About Jonathan Gaffin, MD, MMSc

Dr. Gaffin received his MD from the University of Massachusetts in 2004. He completed residency in Pediatrics at The Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital in 2007 and subspecialty training in Pediatric Pulmonology at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2007-2010. He also completed a Master’s of Medical Science degree, which provided training in translational and clinical research, from Harvard Medical School (2011). Dr. Gaffin is the founder and co-director of the Boston Children’s Hospital Severe Asthma Clinic and is on staff as a pediatric pulmonologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Active Projects

2013-2018 School-based air pollution and asthma morbidity in Inner City School Children
NIAID/NIH K23 1K23AI106945-01
Principal Investigator
The goal of this mentored career development award is to determine the role of indoor air pollution specific to the inner city school classroom environment on asthma morbidity for inner city school children with asthma. This research will provide important information that may lead to specific interventions to improve air quality and health in inner city schools.


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