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Enid Martinez, MD

Enid Martinez MD
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Research
Critical Care Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Assistant in Critical Care Medicine
Academic Title:
Instructor in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Gastric EmptyingEnteral nutrition intolerance and deliveryObesityNutrition
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Research Overview

Dr. Martinez’ research interest is in nutrition in acutely and chronically critically ill patients. She is currently pursuing multiple projects with the goal of optimizing the nutrition management and status of critically ill children. A primary area of interest is enteral nutrition delivery and enteral nutrition intolerance, in particular delayed gastric emptying as an underlying cause for intolerance. She aims to improve bedside identification of delayed gastric emptying, to identify clinical risk factors for delayed gastric emptying and to optimize the management of delayed gastric emptying. She is also interested in the critically ill obese pediatric population. She is studying current nutrition practices in an effort to improve our nutrition assessment and nutrition delivery for this cohort and improve clinical outcomes. Dr. Martinez has also completed research regarding comprehensive nutrition and body composition assessments in chronically ill patients. She has demonstrated that comprehensive metabolic and nutritional assessments allow for individualized nutrition interventions and the potential for improved nutritional outcomes. She currently is completing a study on the nutritional status and body composition of patients with spinal muscular atrophy.  This study will identify the best strategies to measure body composition in this cohort and will allow for individualized nutrition management for children with SMA.


Publications powered by Harvard Catalyst Profiles
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