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David Stein, MD

Medicine Research
Developmental Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Staff Psychologist, Developmental Medicine Center
Academic Title:
Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Research Overview

Dr. David Stein's principal research interest is in accurate phenotyping and treatment of complex neurodevelopmental disabilities including Down syndrome, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and ADHD.  He also focuses on quality improvement through research in development of outcome measures and improved clinical efficiency.  Dr. Stein is the Co-Director of Research of the Down Syndrome Program and Director of Quality Improvement for the Pediatric Psychology Program in the Developmental Medicine Center.

Dr. Stein works closely with colleagues in neuroscience, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and developmental-behavioral pediatrics to understand neurodevelopmental disorders broadly, from an interdisciplinary perspective.  The Down Syndrome Program's research team is currently working to assess the impact of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) on development and neurological function of preschool children with Down syndrome.  In addition, the team is investigating the phenotype of autism spectrum disorder in Down syndrome.  Dr. Stein is also working to develop a measure to assess the impact of developmental evaluations as part of the larger quality improvement effort in the Developmental Medicine Center.

Dr. Stein completed his BA in clinical psychology at Tufts University, his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychiatry, and his clinical internship and fellowship at Harvard Medical School (The Cambridge Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital, respectively).


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