The Stamoulis laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School is a computational Neuroscience laboratory that focuses on the development of novel computational approaches and mathematical models for the investigation of multi-scale brain dynamics. Our ultimate goals are to improve our fundamental understanding of the neural underpinnings of complex behaviors in the human brain and to identify robust neural signatures of neurological/neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our research activities lie at the intersection of neuroscience, electrical engineering, applied mathematics and statistics. Our current projects focus on two broad topics:

  1. Improving our fundamental understanding of the emergence and organization of functional networks in the typically developing infant brain during the first few years of life;
  2. Estimating multi-scale brain networks from very high-dimensional multi-modal data, collected over long periods of time and/or in naturalistic settings.

Our research is supported by the National Science Foundation (BRAIN Initiative) and the National Institutes of Health.


Dr Stamoulis is currently Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School

She completed both undergraduate and graduate studies at MIT and received a PhD in the field of Underwater Acoustics. For several years she conducted research in this field, first studying the acoustic environment under the ice cap in the Arctic ocean and later acoustic wave propagation in shallow water. She switched fields and transitioned into Neuroscience in 2004. Following post-doctoral training in Neuroscience (MIT) and Biostatistics (Harvard School of Public Health), she joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School in 2009. Her broad research interests are in computational Neuroscience, signal processing, neurostatistics and bioinformatics.

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