Research Overview

James Lock's research focused on improving procedures to correct congenital heart defects in infants and children. He has developed and provided the initial descriptions of nearly a dozen new techniques in interventional cardiology

Dr. Lock was one of the inventors of the CardioSEAL device, which is implanted through a catheter to correct certain congenital heart defects. CardioSEAL is FDA-approved under Humanitarian Use Guidelines for the treatment of ventricular septal defect, Fontan fenestration, and patent foramen ovale, and for treating atrial septal defect in clinical trials. STARflex, a second-generation device, is being tested in clinical trials for the same indications.

About James Lock

James Lock received his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed an internship and residency at the University of Minnesota Hospital & Clinics and a fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

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  • Catheter-Implanted Devices for Heart Defects

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