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Dr. Kalish's primary area of collaboration is with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Over his career, other areas of collaboration have included HIV and other infectious diseases, transfusion medicine, oncology, alternative medicine, and several pediatric sub-specialties. He has also conducted methodological research in statistical design and analysis, focusing on applying optimal statistical design methodology to treatment allocation procedures for clinical trials and to the design of observational epidemiologic studies.

About the Researcher

Dr. Kalish is a Principal Biostatistician in the Biostatistics and Research Design core of the Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research. He holds a Harvard Medical School appointment as Associate Professor of Pediatrics. The focus of Dr. Kalish's professional career has been bringing biostatistical expertise to biomedical investigations through the design, coordination, and analysis of clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, and other studies. His contributions toward these activities have included methodological research in biostatistics, epidemiology and clinical trial design; scientific leadership and collaboration; coordination of the operations, data management and statistical analyses of multi center research studies; and training and supervision in these areas.



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