Research Overview

Henry Feldman has been a senior biostatistician in the Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2001. His activities include study design, data analysis, and statistical consulting; writing and review of grant proposals, protocols, and journal articles; and attendant teaching. He is closely affiliated with the Endocrinology Division, where he has collaborated on numerous studies of bone health, obesity, nutrition, and thyroid disease; and with the Newborn Medicine Division, where he has collaborated on both laboratory and clinical investigations.

About the Researcher

Dr. Feldman is a born scientist, raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee by Manhattan Project parents. He was educated at Swarthmore College and earned a PhD at Harvard. His career in biomedical mathematics and statistics includes stints at the National Institutes of Health (1969–71), MIT Arteriosclerosis Center (1972–75), Harvard School of Public Health (1976–89), New England Research Institutes (1990–2001), and Boston Children's Hospital (2001-present). His areas of application have varied widely and include methods for biochemical kinetics and biomathematics; laboratory research in pulmonary mechanics and cell biology; epidemiological studies in endocrinology and urology; community trials for cardiovascular disease prevention; and clinical studies in pediatrics. He was awarded the A. Clifford Barger Award for Excellence in Mentoring at Harvard Medical School in 2007 and has served for 20 years on the faculty of the annual American Heart Association Ten-Day Seminar on Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.



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Researcher Areas

  • Endocrinology
  • Newborn Medicine
  • Statistical design and analysis


Publications powered by Harvard Catalyst Profiles

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