Dr. Bridgemohan's research is focused on clinical care of children with autism spectrum disorder. Current projects include a multisite study to identify early markers of ASD and pilot the collection of data within the setting of the clinical visit across diverse clinical units. One goal of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of combining clinical care with research in a population of children who often have difficulty participating due to their communication, behavioral and sensory challenges. The second goal is to identify measurable biomarkers (such as substances in the blood and urine) that could predict risk for ASD or identify subgroups of children with ASD and thus lead to earlier diagnosis and more targeted treatments.


Dr. Bridgemohan is the co-director of Boston Children's Hospital Autism Spectrum Center, a multi-departmental and multidisciplinary center providing diagnosis, treatment, continuity of care and support services for children with ASD and their families. Projects in the Autism Spectrum Center's Autism Friendly Hospital initiative include developing materials to improve children's preparation for and experience with hospital visits and procedures, educational training modules for staff to improve awareness of ASD and quality of care throughout the institution, and a periodic survey of patients to identify barriers to care encountered by this patient population.

Two related research projects focus on development of outcomes measures as there are currently no widely accepted measures of outcome for children with ASD used in research or clinical practice. The first involves development a parent reported outcomes monitoring tool to allow monitoring of clinical and developmental progress over time. The second involves validating items from the NIH PROMIS quality of life measures in children with ASD.

Dr. Bridgemohan received her MD from Brown University. She completed her pediatric residency at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and her fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital.

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