Boston Children's Hospital Fellows Travel Awards

The Boston Children's Hospital Post-doctoral Association and Office of Fellowship Training jointly awards the Boston Children's Hospital  Fellows Travel Award. 

The  Travel Award is open to Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Clinical Fellows with a primary appointment with Boston Children's Hospital, who wish to attend an academic conference. 

The award is granted bi-annually.

Applications are invited by the Post-Doctoral Association -Travel Award committee twice a year and 4 candidates are selected per round for a reimbursement of maximum 1000 USD each,  from their total budget for the conference.   

The Boston Children's Hospital Post Doctoral Association (PDA) sponsors 2 awards for Postdoctoral Fellows and the Office of Fellowship Training (OFT) intends to sponsor 2 awards for Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellows per round of awards. 

Previous Winners : 

Fall 2016
Conferences: Ahtam, Banu (Newborn Medicine) 
                   Pirouz, Mehdi (Hematology and Oncology)
Workshops:  Levman, Jacob (Newborn Medicine) 

Spring 2016
Conferences:Aimee Badeaux (Newborn Medicine)  
                  Jernej Murn (Newborn Medicine) 
Workshops: Bahram Marami (Radiology) 
                  Eleonora Tamilia (Newborn Medicine)