Pfizer CTI

Pfizer is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2011, Pfizer launched the Center for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), a national effort to expedite the translation of scientific discoveries into new medicines — from ideas to early clinical trials. Boston Children's is a proud member of the local partnership, which also has sites in New York, San Diego and San Francisco.

Pfizer scientists work in the lab alongside our researchers and share equitable intellectual property and ownership rights to the outcomes. This model significantly reduces the administrative and resource hurdles that can hinder collaborative scientific progress. Once a year, project proposals are submitted to a joint steering committee equally represented by Boston Children's and Pfizer. Each proposal is the combined effort of a Boston Children's researcher and a Pfizer counterpart.

CTI funded projects are already well under way in our neurology and nephrology departments:

  • Xi He, PhD is leading an effort to combat osteoporosis by stimulating bone growth. His lab is developing inhibitors for a specific molecule that has been identified as a significant factor in bone regulation.
  • Markus Frank, PhD and his lab are tackling one of the most deadly cancers: malignant melanoma. By harnessing molecules that block a problematic protein, the lab aims to generate a targeted therapy that can benefit all metastatic melanoma patients.

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