MIT Hacking Medicine

Define. Pitch. Mix. Hack. Transforming pediatrics is the mission of Hacking Pediatrics, an inventive, thought-provoking collaboration born between Boston Children's Hospital and MIT Hacking Medicine in 2013.

About our partnership

Founded by Michael Docktor, MD and Kate Donovan, PhDc, MBA, of Boston Children's, Hacking Pediatrics is designed to "hack the status quo in pediatric healthcare." It calls on inventors, clinicians, parents, software developers, engineering students and other innovators to identify unsolved problems and find solutions that promote child health and wellness.

Since its launch, Hacking Pediatrics has hosted annual crowdsourcing, innovation-driven "hackathon" weekends where dozens of teams pitch their ideas and share their solutions, prototypes and proposed business models before a panel of judges. Industry mentors are invited and provide on-site consultations with project teams. Cash prizes and other awards — such as equipment, consultations or other services — are awarded to the top ideas.

To learn more about Hacking Pediatrics, visit the website or follow @HackPediatrics on Twitter.


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