Boston Children's Hospital is collaborating with IBM on OPENPediatrics, a cloud-based, global social learning platform designed to connect healthcare providers from around the globe. Inspired by the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Boston Children's, Jeffrey Burns, MD, and his experiences working with critical care physicians worldwide, OPENPediatrics hosts a robust and expert online community of medical professionals whose sole mission is to share best practices and save lives.

Working in collaboration with the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies, OPENPediatrics offers physicians and nurses an interactive social learning experience with the goal of improving the care of children worldwide.

Because OPENPediatrics is located in the cloud, users can access the platform’s information, seminars and training modules anywhere they can access the Internet. Nearly 800 hospitals in 114 countries worldwide participate in OPENPediatrics.

The OPENPediatrics partnership combines the respective strengths of IBM and Boston Children's. IBM provides the technology infrastructure — including its social networking, cloud, data analytics, video and simulation technologies — and we bring to the table our medical expertise and long history of providing world-class care.

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