Etiometry is a Boston-based health care technology company. Launched in 2010, Etiometry aims to improve care and reduce cost in intensive care units (ICUs) by capturing and rapidly synthesizing large amounts of patient data into actionable insights. Boston Children's Hospital initiated a formal partnership with Etiometry in 2012 to build the T3 software for our ICU.

The web-based platform was the brainchild of Peter Laussen, MD, former chief of Boston Children's Critical Care Unit and current Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, and Melvin C. Almodovar, former Medical Director of the Boston Children's ICU.

Overview of T3 Platform

"T3" stands for Tracking, Trajectory, and Trigger. Together, these components generate real-time clinical information and allow doctors to see relevant trends and make informed decisions at the point of care.

T3 collects and analyzes information from multiple patient monitoring devices. By channeling physiologic data into sophisticated mathematical models, T3 technology generates accurate risk predictions based on a patient's current clinical state. Clinicians can access the T3 platform from any computer or tablet connected to the hospital's network.

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